I drive past this one drop every week on the way to school so I pretty much had it scoped out when we got there. We where acctually going to hit a different park though because it had a slanted landing but there where too many cars parked there and we couldnt get the top chain from the fence out of the way. So we moved to a different one about 30 feet away. It's about 8 feet high so not really that big but still big enough to do stuff on.

That's me doing 180 on it (sorry it's so blurry). Later on I did 180 the other way and a 360. My first attempt at 3 I caught my ski a bit on the bottom chain and fell. It could have been way worse than it was though. Next try I got it. The only other person to acctually hit it with me was Taylor Fern. Since we where short on time all he got in was a 180 but it was pretty sick.

This was my first time doing an urban drop and Ive heard lots of things about them. Some people say they're gay cause if you go big it hurts. I think they're fun. They're easy to set up and are pretty low risk. It was a good time the whole thing took us under 2 hours and we could have done it way faster to