January 15th we headed up to Schuss mountain. We checked into the hotel and got our stuff unpacked. We stayed at the Legend Cottage Condos on the Shanty Creek side of the resort. This place has some seriously nice rooms and our the cheapest rooms at Shanty/Schuss. So here's some pics of the rooms:

First time we've had a TV bigger than like 10inches and a MINI FRIDGE. so no more sink full ice and beer!

And we even had a nice little area to sit and read, or play drinking games.

Beds. Nuff said, big enough for 3 to a bed.

Friday night:

So after we got unpacked we decided to see who could do flips from bed to bed, and this was the result:

And there's the culprit himself.

Then the drinking started. After a few drinks we decided to try and walk to where MSU was staying to have a few drinks with them, on the way there we got a phone call saying the cops had been called and we shouldnt go. So we started walking back to our room. On the way back we had a run-in with a nice, and pretty damn sexy police lady who asked why we were all drunk and just walking around, but she let us go on our merry way.

After we got back to the room two very nice older ladies were unpacking into a room a few rooms down so we invited them over for a drink. They came over and played quarters with us for a couple hours and then left so we all went to bed.

Saturday night:

Saturday night we took the shuttle over to the condos where Central and GVSU were staying. Everybody got pretty messed up. A kid in a lion costume did a face dive off the porch into a snow bank and stood up with a mouth full of blood. Nobody made it to the bar Friday, even tho it was about a quarter mile away.

On the shuttle ride back to my room, the driver told us he could get more pussy than anybody because, "he drive drunk bitches home everynight" You just gotta love the random people you meet when skiing.

This is me, right before I decided to go to sleep...

...and this is where I spent the rest of the night

So now that you've read through all my bullshit here what you REALLY want - THE SKIING!!!

The Skiing:

Wether was freezing cold all weekend and snow was super icy and super shitty. The park wasn't bad, but they could deffinitely use a better park crew. Schuss has 2 parks side-by-side with a lift that services both of them. The smaller park consisted of a small flat rail, small flat box, medium sized ranbow box, a flat-down box, and a little tiny 5 foot or so jump. The bigger park had a 3 jump line with 3 pretty small jumps (all udner 10 feet) and a larger kicker at the bottom of the park thats probably 30foot or so accompanied by a gnarley ass down rail, a canon rail, larger flat down box, a medium sized flat rail, and a medium flat box, and a large flat propane tank with a smaller down propane tank. (this is all from a super hazey hungover memory)

Overall Review:

Schuss is a decent place to go. The lift lines were overcrowded and there was too many gapers and little kids being a bunch of fucks in the park. ALL the rails were super sticky. The first 3 jumps were decent if youre trying to learn some new tricks. The kicker at the end and the gnarly down rail were the only feature that were setup good. Schuss needs a new more dedicated park crew. Overall, the place is alright but dont expect anything super special.

Sorry for the lack of pictures, I left my camera at home.