Today at lunch at the Saga World HQ I noticed Andy using a knife in a unsafe fashion to cut the cheese for his sandwich.  He was cutting towards his body using his thumb as somewhat of a backstop.  Not only does this have office liability written all over it asking to put our insurance premiums through the roof, it was completely unsafe.  This took me on a quick trip back to my childhood where I spent a year or so partaking in the BSA, Boy Scouts of America.  I remembered a thing similar to a merit badge called the totin’ chip.  If you could safely show the scout master that you could handle a blade you would receive this paper card granting you access to yield the surely overprice pocket knife with the BSA insignia on it.  So in this particular situation Andy would have had a corner cut off his totin’ chip with only 3 remaining F@#K ups left before the scout master forbade him from yielding a blade.  Another common loss of a corner on the Chip was throwing the knife as though it was a ninja star into near by trees or ground.  This got me thinking as to how many movies and common everyday scenarios are not giving the right impressions to BSA affiliates these days.

You see here the Joker would easily loose two corners on his totin’ chip.  One for not only pointing the blade back at his body, but his face.  Two for holding the blade in a threatening fashion to Maggie Gylenahl’s<—spelt wrong beautiful face.

Here we see Jason from the classic Friday the 13th series clearly breaking some totin’ rules.  He more than definitely would have lost his chip. He is not only holding the blade  toward his own head, it appears he has used the blade as a weapon to sever a poor bystanders limb.

Here may have only resulted in two corners again.  One for taking flight with the blade and two for the act of throwing the blade as discussed earlier.   Had the target been an actual person, indefinite loss of totin’.
As we can see in this classic scene from Roadhouse, this man has fashioned his blade into a clear weapon attached to his boot.  This more than likely would have been a week suspension from blade activities with a stern talking from the scout master.  Below is how this whole scene played out in the movie.  The act of using the blade as an actual weapon against another would have sealed a full revocation of totin’.

As you can see movies these days are setting no example for todays BSA member.