Snow Mountain Powder update.

Here @ SMP we have been working to get our Team and website ready for the 2005/2006

season. If you don't know about SMP here is what we are all about.

It all started back last summer when my old friend Brad Casey & I met up after

a 5 year time span. Over the years we had both developed a love for skiing.

We spent most of the fall of 2004 sitting around Sudbury, MA waiting for the

season to begin, We met up with a kid in our history class named Ben Zackin

who had made up a skiing group called Skiing Meatballs, and Pie, or as it came

to be called SMP for short. Brad & I thought that a ski "club" was a wicked

good idea. It was an excuse to show off in the park as a team and compete on

something instead of the "Wachusett Mountain freestyle team" which we thought

was way not cool. But the problem we found was how are we gonna get respect

with a name like Skiing Meatballs and Pie by January it was time for change.

(the original smp can still be found at


Part 2:

I came up with a much better skiing related name using the same initials SMP

that was much more skiing related. The name was Snow Mountain Powder. Brad &

I got much more respect skiing, and decided to seek a sponsor. We contacted

Liberty Skis and they came back with a offer we could not refuse. We were to

become their "Below The Radar" team a team with the same philosophy

as Liberty. Below the Radar riders for a Below the Radar company. We had some

work to do now, we had to gather a group of Undiscovered Talent riders below

the age of 21. That were sick riders but nobody knew about them, and that were

looking for the opportunity to be seen by the rest of the Newschool Skiing community.

One of the first things we needed was a website to tell people about SMP. So

we teamed up with Anna Benedetto a skier from CT with a extensive knowledge

of HTML and Photoshop. She designed a kick ass webpage that made our old site

look like well... bad. In June 2005 SMP teamed up with Whaleback mountain as

a Sponsor and the host of SMP Fest (details soon) By then Beginning of July

we had assembled a group of undiscovered talent that was SMP & Liberty worthy...

and that's where we met up to now.

Here's The Team Lineup:

Brad CaseyAnna BenedettoBrian CatinellaJay SiaJason MattinaJack ByersAshley Coulthard

Ryan CoulthardJaqueline GannonAngus WestErich SparksTaylor WalkerBrian LandriganJosh BeasleyChris McKeeverEvan RutherfordCollen Moore

Visit Our Newly Re-designed site at

See you this Season,

Brian Landrigan