PARK CITY, Utah (March 8, 2005) – Stefan Desis, a University of Vermont student in Burlington and a new-school ripper, now has some new skis in his possession. Desis edged out 3,200 entrants (a virtual Brodeo) into the “Win Mike Nick’s Skis� Contest to – you guessed it – win Mike Nick’s skis.

Told by’s Kendall Card that he’d won the contest, which garners him a pair of Mike Nick’s very own used Line Mike Nick 171 cm pro model skis as well as a brand new pair of the same skis, Desis responded with disbelief: “Hey Kendall, I LOVE YOU! I'm super stoked, I really won two pairs of skis?!?!�

Once the realization settled in, Desis was able to provide a little more perspective:

Q: How did you hear about the contest?

A: The contest was on the front page of Newschoolers for quite a while, and my boy A-dawg goes on there at least 25 times every hour, so he gave me the heads up as soon as it started.

Q: What do you think of Mike Nick and Line?

A: I think it's cool that Line is a core company in the new-school ski industry. Mike Nick is the man for giving away some skis. His part in the Wind-Up film "Tee-Time" was sick. Maybe for his next contest he should give away a pair of skiboards. Nah, actually that would suck.

Q: What’s your home hill?

A: Stratton, VT, represent.

Q: How long have you been skiing?

A: I started skiing when I was 2, and now I'm 19. You do the math.

Q: Favorite Trick?

A: Sick, tweaked out Lui-Kangs, Mike Nick style. In a close 2nd is a switch cork 5 true tail.

Q: Any shout outs?

A: B-crew for showing me true steez.

Tramdock and Newschoolers sponsored the Mike Nick contest to win an autographed pair of his used pro models as well as a brand new pair of 178cm Line Mike Nick pro models. Nick is the founder of Siver Cartel and one of the driving forces behind Line skis. The contest was promoted on the Tramdock and Newschoolers sites, and skiers were able to enter the contest, a random drawing, throughout the month of February. – We’re skiing, 365 days a year.