The Rail Jam:

Where: Sugarbush, Mt. Ellen peak

When: January 20th. Registration from 9am to 10am, Mt. Ellen base lodge. Practice starting at 10:30am.

Open to: Skiers and Snowboarders

Cost: $20 entry fee, and $45 discounted lift tickets

Prizes: Our sponsors have hooked it up big time with prizes to give away so bring your A game!

More Information:

How to Submit a Course Design:

(ALL DESIGNS DUE JAN. 16th) Designs can be submitted to, as a hand drawing, or a sketchup file. Use any of the 9 hand picked Bush Park features below, and place them in any creative, generic, or crazy layout you choose. Our favorite design will be built by the Bush parks crew, and then destroyed all day long during the Design and Ride Jam. Pictures, and sketchup file including the rails are attached below.

From left to right, flat pipe, flat tube, flat bar, start-mid-end capped tube, tube drop rail, party box, circle tap, pipe rail section, bar down donkey.

Sketchup file download: