Well, this past weekend was fucking awesome. Let me explain:

It all blossomed thursday night whilst having a nice evening chat with my dear cripple, Nevill Wilder (I'm so soorrrryyy, mr criiiipple....). IT ended up with myself driving to Copper on Friday afternoon to meet Nevill at the slopestyle course. Sadly, i left my camera in the car, as i wanted to ski a bit....but then ran out of time (bummer.).

Anyway, we watched that, then went to some italian restaurant we decided was named "Gee-ima-negro" (sorry for the non-PCness...). We were served with the BIGGEST calzone you have EVER fucking seen. I swear it to you. This things were the size of horse dicks, but bigger. Nevill and i struggled to finish our own, nevill getting the furthest by consuming an impressive half calzone, while i rested with my 1/4.

After this, we headed back to pursue the drunken antics Skippy Mesirow is renowned for. I won't tell the whole story, but i will tell you it involved a ketchup covered kitchen, a box of silverware, massive belt buckle, and picture frame being dropped on Skippy, and him retaliating with a barrage of lightbulbs shattering on nevill's bed.

Yeah. we actually lived through all of that, fairly unscathed...*thank god*

The next day we got up, and skippy returned to Boulder, because his beloved bears were playing (flame away). Nevill and I hung out for a while, then headed out to the Big Air. Once we got there, the crowd was already bumping, and the comp was 10 minutes in, and everyone was stoked. After handing out some (start shameless plug of resort) ECHO MOUNTAIN flyers (/end shameless plug of resort...sorry =)    ), I somehow got ahold of a VIP pass. I commandeered a sled ride to the start tent (nearly falling off and pissing my pants in the process), then attempted to scale down the deck of the pipe (its fucking icy). I got to the bottom, right before the deck drops off, and chilled with my new found friend Rory Flynn (i hope i spelt that right...) and attempted to get my borrowed flash to work. Sadly, the deep chill took its toll on the batteries, and resulted in me taking an artsyer approach to my photos....

Hope you enjoy.

Rory Flynn (looks like poo cuz i was trying to get the flash to work...)

i cant fucking figure out who this is..

Gagnier en fuego

Matt Walker...can you spot his neon poles?


matt again...

ok, so this next one is of gagnier's octograb... When i first took it, i thought he had done a prison shower...then i realized he wasnt really down with that, and realized he tweakd it SO hard, his skis were nearly parallel...how nuts is that?

i believe this is sammy C...

Matt was basically throwing down all night with the "Flying Circus", essentially a group of qualified athletes who got screwed out of their spots... Somehow, everytime they went over...his shot was the one that looked the best... I guess his Gingerness makes him really photogenic...or its just some evil ploy.

Jacob double cork...that trick is nuts

I do believe this was one of schiller's attempts at a 1440, which he himself was quoted saying it seemed he's only allowed to land one a year...Check out the Tweakage.

Podium shot...note the new Salomons gagnier is toting...and is sammy holding the Dumont or what?

Sammy's stoked!

I'll leave you with this:

look for an account of a cripple's adventure coming soon to a Newschoolers.com near you....

shout out to Skippy for the ride, Nevill for the fun, and Lori for the BOMB ass dinner.

peace and love, and who puts Jon against schiller so early?