Saturday's event started off with a dismal outlook. The course was sacked in by a thick fog, preventing one to see the first kicker with ease. However, regardless of this gloomy start banners were hung, tents where pitched, hot dogs where cooking, tunes where playing and competitors where stoked. When the hour was at hand to start the comp, miraculously the fog lifted and the event took off without a hitch and ended with swag for everyone and sweet prizes for the winners.

Major props to all our sponsored skiers, friends and family who gave a helping hand and to Angel Fire Resort for providing a sweet spot for the event. Without all of you we could not have made this event a Success!!!.

Congrats go out to our sponsored skiers that competed Nick C. and Garrett. C.

Special really big thanks to Nick, Drew, Travis our big mountain skiers. Without your help we would have had a hard time making the event go as smooth as it did.

The Events team from Angel Fire are the best. Lucas keep the event moving and did a great job. Angel Fire Resort has the best snow in the Southwest.

Mike from Expressions Snowboards keep the crowd pleased with his comments and music. Thanks Mike you are the best.

See the photos from the event in our gallery section on this web site.

Hope to see you at Angel Fire Resort on February 24th 2007 for the Skier and Boarder X event!

To our entire sponsored family. Have a great week and a safe weekend. Send us some photos, we love to see what you are up to.