NSTV is now working.    It's probably easier to just download it through torrents, but hey we wanted to get this thing working.    So, for NSTV to work, you MUST download the Peercast client.Do that first and install it.   Just a little program that interfaces with the whole peercast system.   Then just click on the NSTV LINK.It should work.   If it doesn't, try the peercast forums, or help each other, or just download the files if you're getting too frustrated!We've got this wonderful video of the entire contest filmed right from the top.   Might be a touch boring, and you can't necessarily see everything, but hey it's better than nothing.  We're working on cutting together the rest of the video we got to make an entertaining clip with music and stuff.   So in trying to get NSTV working, Paul jumped up with the wonderful idea of why don't we just put the files available for download as a torrent?    We'll keep trying to get the broadcasting working, but for now just download the torrent file and you can watch it!  CLICK HERE TO GET THE TORRENT FILEYou NEED a torrent program such as Azeureus to download it.  The file is about 325 megs, so it might take a while.   The video is in three parts, and about 2.5 hours long or so.   Put on some of your favorite music, and listen to see if Paul said anything funny on camera!