I drove home from Rødde last night, I figured that would be better than wasting half of a Friday driving. Now Im sitting in my bed and been doing that the whole day cause both of the cars are gone so I can´t do anything.The trip was good and fun, there´s a lot of talent up there. I saw a lot of dubs, dub misty 14 (not on purpose), kangeroo japan to mute and a bunch of other stuff. One thing really stood out! this one guy dropped in on a....we call it a UFO, don´t know the word for it in English, You can see it on the pic above. yeah, he dropped in from the top gained a lot of speed and threw himself into a slightly over rotated Backflip. 5 minutes later he was on top again, dropped in, went off the jump and did a perfect double back. we were discussing if anyone has done a double back on a UFO before, no one there knew for sure. So until I see a video of it Im claiming to have witnessed the first UFO double back. He said he wanted to go for a trippel when they go back next week. Here´s my iphone clip of it.All And all it was a good trip. I want to thank everyone at Rødde for letting me come And hang out!!PEACE