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Our big news for this season is that we will be presenting a serie of video which will show different types of skiing available to us on the East Coast of North America. This season will be split up in 5 Tomes (episodes), which we wont reveal to you right now, but you can guess a few already.

Special thanks to Stanston Skis and Saga Outerwear for making this possible with dope quality products and Newschoolers for the support!




We will do updates on our Website so you can stay up to date.


As many of you might know, Quebec's ski season had a funky start. It started really well with a bit of snow, enough for us to go out in the streets, but then came the "Weather Storm", which delivered about 20-30mm of RAIN, on december 23rd. We had a green Christmas, and not that kind of green ;).

See Below:

But don't worry, we will be releasing a few small edits here and there for you to enjoy.

Here is the first little edit of the season, welcoming Eric Chenard (Nicholas Chenard's brother) to the crew!


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