In this episode, we sit down with Hunter Hess. Hunter is on the US Freeski Halfpipe team and can be seen throwing down in the MAGMA videos. In this episode, we hear about Hunter's journey on the competition circuit, get a behind-the-scenes perspective on his videos with Alex Hall, and find out how he managed to get Tom Wallisch & Simon Dumont together to film the intro for MAGMA II. We go over viewer questions at the end which can be submitted on our Instagram @TwoPlankerPod.

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Show Notes:

0:00:00 Ad Read

0:00:30 Intro, Hunter Hess Update

0:03:10 Growing up in Bend, Oregon, Transitioning from soccer to skiing, ski racing to freestyle

0:20:25 Going from slopestyle to halfpipe, Traveling internationally on the US Freeski Halfpipe team

00:29:50 Competition schedule, Financial reality of competitive skiing,

00:48:52 Creating MAGMA in the off-season with Alex Hall and Owen Dalberg, Behind the scenes of the triple flair, Øystein Braaten part in MAGMA

1:27:40 Mindset behind MAGMA II, Incorporating Tom Wallisch and Simon Dumont in the video, Falling on the tree, In-depth on some tricks

2:00:10 Goals moving forward

2:03:20 Listener Questions, Advice, Closing