Yola. So here is my 2nd installation of samples used for some of your favorite hip-hop. I'll give yall the same dealzy as last time. This one has more upbeat stuff in general with funk/soul/r&b, you know the fun stuff. Tracklisting right below.

1. Ike Turner- Getting Nasty

Jurassic 5- Concrete Schoolyard

2. Mavis Staples- What Happened To The Real Me

Lootpack- Law of Physics

3. James Brown- The Payback

Madlib- The Paycheck (Gotta)

4. Tom Jones- Looking Out My Window

RZA- The Grunge

5. Baby Huey & The Baby-Sitters- Hard Times

Ghostface Killah- Buck 50

6. Incredible Bongo band- Apache

Nas- Made You Look

7. Morning Noon & Night- Movin' On Down The Line

Felt- Morris Day

8. Marlena Shaw- California Soul

Gang Starr- Check The Technique

9. Betty Davis- Your Mama Wants You Back

RJD2- Incorporate Anthem

10. Marlena Shaw- Woman of the Ghetto

Buckshot and 9th Wonder- The Ghetto

11. Bobby Bland- Let's Get Together

Gift Of Gab- Left Side of The Brain

12. Kool & The Gang- North, East, South, West

Quasimoto- Loop Digga (This sample is in the middle of the track where Madlib is in a record store)

13. Merry Clayton- I've Got Life

Herbaliser- Sonofanuthamutha

14. Ben Vereen- Signed Sealed Delivered

DL Incognito- Surplus

15. Oneness Of JuJu- African Rhythms

J Dilla- African Rhythms

Link to Twix Digs Vol. 2