Okay, so I have never tried doing a blog before but whatevs, this could turn out messy-bessy. So over the past couple years I have been downloading tons of shiz and put all the samples i find in a playlist. After seeing skodeo7's thing with the 130 samples i thought people might want some more. I hope it will help get some of you guys interested in some older stuff. So here it be. These are all just the sampled songs, not the chopped versions. If you have iTunes and go to the comments, it will tell you who sampled them that i know of. Heres the tracklisting. I'll give you who sampled them here too.

1. The Dells- I Can Sing A Rainbow/ Love Is Blue

Edan- I See Colours

Ghostface Killah- Shakey Dog

2. The Blackbyrds- The Runaway

Binary Star- Binary Shuffle

3.Giorgio Moroder- Tears

DJ Shadow- Organ Grinder

Swollen Members- Fuel Injection

4. Bobbi Humphrey- Baby's Gone

Asamov- Real Good (prod. by 9th Wonder)

5. Johnny Pate- Brother On The Run

LJ- Brother

6. Southside Movement- I've Been Watching You

Hieroglyphics- At The Helm

7. Lonnie Smith- In The Beginning

Madvillain- Figaro

8. Mandrill- Khidja

Quasimoto- Green Power

9. Curtis Mayfield- Kung Fu

Gang Starr- Right Girl, Wrong Place

10. The Undisputed Truth- Love and Happiness

Brother Ali- Lookin' At e Sideways

11. Jaco Pastorius- Opus Pocus

Jaylib- Strip Club

12. 5th Dimension- Requiem 820 Latham

King Geedorah- Krazy World

13. The Spinners- Since I Been Gone

Talib Kweli and Madlib- Happy Home

14. Bobby Womack- Jealous Love

Little Brother- Hiding Place

Talib Kweli- Where Ya Gonna Run

15. Billy Paul- War of The Gods

Cyne- Soapbox

Here's the link:


So I hope people enjoy it. I got well over 100 samples so far I've found. So maybe I'll upload like 15 a week. Enjoy!!