Twitterific, twitastic, tweeps, tweeple, twitterverse.  Confused?  Then skip this post.

If you do know what i’m talking about then read on…  There is a thing called follow Friday on twitter, its an unofficial thing, but people post up twitter names of people they think you should follow.  This is my version of follow Friday, only much bigger.  In the last week or so twitter seems to have hit the ski industry much harder so i thought I would put down a list of some interesting people to follow both from the ski industry and the photographic community.  I’m going to keep it pretty simple just a list…..tweet.  And let me know if i missed people and I can update the list as it grows.

SKI industry twitterers.

@dancarrphoto , @k2ski, @lineskis, @SpyderVenom,@ozskier (digi dave),@jeffschmuck, @IF3,@voleurz, @whistlerparks, @Newschoolers, @Freeskier


@HankLambo (Henrik Lampert), @stoneusbillups (Matt Walker), @danetudor, @codytownsend, @steepskiing (Chris Davenport), @eroner, @MikeDski (Mike Douglas), @sarah_j_burke, @TimDurtschi, @ingridbackstrom, @hathbanger, @MyshellParker, @Schubomb, @NicholasMartini, @greteeliassen, @ABoronowski

SKI/Snowboard photographers

@dancarrphoto, @Kapitolphoto, @annaleah, @nabbott, @dspphoto, @TimZimmerman, @MikeBerard