1 Take 4 skins, lay them all flat, all sticky side up, gum line at the top.

First, take 2 skins and lick along the gum of one and lay it flat again. Take the second skin and lay the bottom over the wet gum and press down to bond them together. You should now have a skin that's the normal length but twice the height.

Do the same with the other 2 skins and lay them both flat.

As far as you're concerned, you now have 2 big skins

2 Take one of the skins and turn it 90° so that the gum line will be touching the side of the other skin.

You will need to stick the skins together so that the gum line of the up-turned skin sticks just beneath the gum line of the vertical skin.

3 Once the skins have dried you must fold the horizontal skin over the vertical skin so that you can see the gum line sticking out at the top. Fold the gum over the horizontal skin and do the old lick and stick. Once this has dried you should have something that looks like a pocket when you open it out, with a point in the bottom.

4 Pour your mix into the pocket and fill it with as little or as much mix as you like. Make sure you leave some room at the top to close the pocket.

5 Next you will need to roll a thin tube of card, which will act as a pipe. Holding the pocket in your hand, use the other hand to place the pipe in the centre of the mix. Press firmly and bring the excess paper in and wrap it around the pipe sealing the mix inside.

You can use various materials to seal the paper like cotton, string, tape, etc. You can even use the gum from smoking papers. Fold and tear off the gum so you have strips, to wrap around the pipe.

6 Now depending on how much mix you put in the pocket, you will have some excess paper. You can either burn or tear off the paper but I prefer to fold it back down around the pocket to simulate petals. 

7 Now lite that bad boy and get fucking blazed bitches.