Words & photos by Kyle Meyr

Scandinavian winters are never just a given. Each year here culminates in a story of a struggle to triumph over difficult conditions, fearsome weather and misfortunes. Yet, somehow, we always find our way to a happy ending. Turbulent Flow commemorates those stories with one of our very own. It’s a story of the turmoil we put ourselves through for the sake of our sport and the battles we must overcome to reap its benefits.

“We always try to make the best out of the situation. And when we faced those challenges, we never gave up, which paid off in the end.” – Eivind Aurstad, Founder of Chaoz Productions.

In Turbulent Flow, Chaoz Productions takes us deep into the world of heartbreaks and hang-ups to show us what it really takes to overcome the roughest of Scandinavian winters. Accompanied by the likes of Gaute Silseth, Lars Haakon Hafsal, Kim Boberg, Dennis Risvoll, Walter Wood, and more, Eivind Aurstad explores pipe, parks, peaks and streets looking for a fight. The outcome is the biggest and sketchiest Chaoz Productions movie to date, presented in unprecedented quality for free right at your fingertips!

We must face turbulence before we can triumph. This is our story.

Chaoz Productions' Turbulent Flow Trailer