Weebly got a new iPhone app that I wanted to test out, so I will upload a few pictures from this season that are on my phone. Enjoy!

Beginning of season. Lots of snow. Didn't last long though...
Without a ton of snow I still rode the bird a lot, mostly because Park City was having a hard time making a decent park without snow
Finally PC got a park up
Did a few nights a Brighton with Lindsay
Checked out the dew tour
Skied some pow on CRJ day at Alta
Took a trip to Vail
Bashed some gates
Got 1st place
Acquired some 190 Bibbys (review coming soon)
Skied some more park with Taylor Brody
Skied some more park with Brad Rossiter
Got a cover shot doing a hand drag on newschoolers.com
And pow nights
Then I tore a ligament in my ankle
And I've been rehabbing and studying by the pool ever since
Hoping to get back to this head bonking fun as soon as possible