Whats going on everyone at NewSchoolers,I just developed a clothing line focusing on the ideas and wants of skiers, and am looking for some support. I do all the designing and creative work as well as take care of the business portion as well. Hit up my web site and either leave a comment on the blog or comment on this, or you can email me at blair@tucknjam.com.... i just started this about 2 months ago and am getting geared up for ski season. Everyone take a look at the website and SUPPORT UR FELLOW SKIER/ARTIST!!!! Also i am always looking for ideas or art work that could be used for stickers or potential tshirt graphics as well so do not hesitate to get at me with any idea you have.Take it easy,Blair LlewellynTuck 'n Jam Freeski Coblair@tucknjam.comhere is the website for the clothing linehttp://www.tucknjam.comthis is the facebook fan pagehttp://www.facebook.com/pages/Tuck-n-Jam-Freeski-Co/30431500228?ref=ts