This is one of those things, it’s really cool and amazing as to how far things have come with the development of the iphone software and with digital camera equipment.  A new app for the iphone is out called the onOne DSLR Camera Remote. There are two versions, the full version that allows control of shooting in full teathered mode with mode, shutter speed, aperature, ISO speed adjustment, and image preview, right on the phone for $19.95.  The lite version of this app is $1.99.  Yes, $1.99!  The Nikon version is currently in development.  So here is the catch, and for some it might not really be much of a catch.  You need to have the camera teathered to a wifi enabled computer via USB cord like you’d normally have your teathered setup.  So what’s different?  You can walk around and have all the control like you would at the laptop, on your iphone or ipod touch.  Seriously, what’s next for an iphone app?

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