Behind the scenes of any organization, there are people who are the oil in the engine making things work.

Travis was a random find for newschoolers, coming in from a simple internship at IF3 when we shared offices with them. Through a semi-random set of circumstances, Travis ended up as a fresh recruit for our ruthless sales program. Fresh meat for the grinder - but with opportunity abound.

If you get the chance, ask him about his job interview... It was a night to be remembered.

Over the last two years, Travis has exceeded his duties as an account executive (fancy word for sales guy), and worked to understand everything that we're trying to do here at Newschoolers. He's worked closely under me, and learned huge swaths of everything that I do on a day-to-day basis.

So today, we're recognizing that hard work, and moving Travis up to the position of Associate General Manager, opening up his duties as well as his ability to make shit happen here at Newschoolers.

Congrats goes out to him - and note that all of you are part of a system that is bleeding opportunity out its ears. Your time is now, and your time - if you choose this path - is with Newschoolers.


If you haven't met him he's second from the right...