Liberty skis is proud to welcome our newest team member, Travis Redd! Check out the interview below to see what Travis is up to, and his goals for this season!

1. I know you were hurt last year.  What was your recovery plan, and how did it effect your ski season? How are you feeling now? 

Ya you know, everyone gets hurt now and again.  Its a risk

that we all take.  Its not about the injury though its about how you

come back from it.  Having this injury actually sparked something

inside me that made me work harder then I ever have.  It feels grate. I

feel grate.

2. What are your plans for this  year?  Travel? Backcountry? Contests?Filming?

My plans for this year and mainly to keep keeping on.  Ya know

work as hard through the season as I have in the pre season.  I've been

skiing amazing pow and getting some grate shots.  Ain't notinng wrong

with that. Currently I am filming with Level 1 productions for another

amazing movie. As far as travel, later this season we be going to

Switzerland.  Ya Boy, I can't wait.  I freaking love skiing.


What made you sign with Liberty?  What are you riding now, and what do

you look forward to?  What are your thoughts on new models or designs

you would like to see?


signed with Liberty for many different reasons.  For one the skis are

freaking awsome.  I mean com' on there made of Bamboo.  Your skis

respond like you would never believe, every little toe wiggle counts.

They have Ill ass graphix and the company is well run straight out of

Colorado. (the best state in the world).  Being that it is a local

company Liberty is run on good ol' family values. They are always open

to new designs and ideas, that is why I love em.

4. What are 2 things you would like to see change in skiing?


onestly.  Skiing is amazing, its something that is always going to grow

and change and get better and better.  You can't stop it, all you can

do is mold what it becomes into something unique and beautifull in your


5. Describe your ideal day on skis.  Places? Weather? Partners? Conditions? Time of Year? Skis?


Imagine this,  We are in the middle of no where on top of a

fourteener.  All my skier friends are there.  I mean all of them.  This

is one huge mountain.  We all have headphones with the same music. 

Blower all the way to the top of your shit eatin grin as you sail off

naturall powder table tops and bellow through pillows of powdery bliss.