Press Release - September 26, 2005 - “Travelogue�- a ski film11 months, countless hours, tons of miles, and alot of fun times later, its just about time to get Travelogue out the door and into your hands. Featuring the best established and underground talent, with a fun vibe and equal east / west coast coverage, its an interesting watch to say the, there is a new trailer and order link at Featuring the skiing and tons of other things from the following...Banks GilbertiTJ SchillerWitt FosterJohn StrenioJosh BibbyEric PollardMichelle ParkerJosh Madsen (our resident newschool telemarker)Ashley BattersbyHenrik Lampert Willis Brown Chris Culnane Richie Paradise Iris Dougherty and more...With well over an hour worth of extra features, and a few hidden things here and there... But what fun would it be just to buy a ski film? Thats why we decided to launch the most extensive gear giveaway contest we could possibly here it goes. In random copies of the will find an airline ticket (no you're not flying anywhere..sorry) in either a random color, or the much coveted “Golden Ticket" (yeah..I ripped off Willy Wonka..sue me) The “Standard Ticket� prizes10 tickets for a pair of Figment goggles compliments of anon. Optics, 5 tickets for a t-shirt / hoodie / sticker combo box compliments of Evolution Freeride (our proud Killington, VT located freeride shop sponsor) but thats not all...The “Golden ticket� prizesTwo “Golden Ski Tickets�. There are two pairs of Liberty Skis going out this year. But we dont want you getting the wrong each ticket bearer is entitled to a certificate good for one pair of the Liberty Skis of your choice** (compliments of Liberty Skis). ** To be delivered direct from Liberty Skis on or before Oct 31st, 2005. And the grand prize...The “Golden Sunglass Ticket� that will get you a free pair of anon. Optics sunglasses. Be the first person to rock a pair of anon sunglasses. So needless to say, theres a ton of free schwag you can pick up this year. (please note: Canadian winners are responsible for all applicable provincial taxes on all prizes won)On sale now at the presale price or USD 21.00, shipping included to North America (US / Canada). Five dollars of each movie sold this year during presales will be donated to the Lars Veen Foundation for Spinal Cord Research. Safety is a priority for everyone, so we want to support this foundation as much as possible.So check out the new trailer at, order up, and be on the lookout for a winning “ticket�.Pray for snow,Everyone at H30