I have just recently made the journey from Hood back to home in Boulder.  School starts in a little over a week, so until then, I’m hanging out. Party time.

Cody and I drove striaght through, then I got back and immediately started moving from my old house into my bachelor pad apartment right on the hill.

I have finally gotten settled and had some time to access the internets.   I’m currently sitting at the most awesome spot on campus:  The 5th floor roof patio at the University Memorial Center.  There are benches and ubbrellas.  A beautiful western view of the flatirons and The Hill.

My spot for the afternoon.

traveler’s log: 4:58 am. Drivin’ hard.

Highway sunrise. It was awesome.

My new pad. Anybody want to buy my DH bike? Seriously.

Came across these art prints I forgot I had.  These are from a Zune party in Aspen for X-Games a year ago. They are all very well done. Put them up on my walls. These are just a few of my favorites.
Summer  memorabilia. Excellent.

Found this on The Hill.  My first Saga sighting in Boulder. Sorry, it’s dark out.