So exams are over finally. It feels like this huge weight is lifted from my back. Finals are just a horrible time. Spending over 10 hours a day in a room just reading. There would be some days where i would go without talking to anyone. Its sick and not in a good way. The entire time i was studying all i could think about was hiking a perfect line and skiing it. Freedom feels sooo good. Not having to worry about anything and just having a good time. Now i know how it feels to be one of those people on the hills (which im watching right now). Those people are ridiculous. Anyways its day four of the holidays and i havent been able to ski yet. Its been -30C and worse almost everyday. Kinda shitty but i guess thats how it goes. Tommorow the plan is to go to Sunhine so hopefully that works out. Ill post an update of how it went. Also my sister and i have a mega roady planned for after xmas to kicking horse and revelstoke so expect some news on that. Anyways i better go put the pod on the van. Peace.