It seems that the rain has finally left Ohio, and as a result we are back to working harder than ever before in preparation for the start of our camp season. Over the past 10 days, Ohio Dreams has been getting hammered with rain and as a result most of our ski related projects have been on hold seeing as everything is located outside (that is also why I haven't posted an update here in so long). Luckily we are back in business and there will be a lot of updates coming over the next week. mSnow (the new synthetic ski surface) will be arriving later today, the water ramps are in the midst of receiving a fresh coat of paint, the steel framing is being assembled on the jib hill, and our two re-designed slip-n-slides have just been completed (and that doesn't include all the work we are doing for the BMX program). Not to mention, we have recently finished constructing the pit for our new in-ground Olympic trampoline. Check out the photos below to see the construction process.

With Chris supervising, B.J. breaks ground on the new trampoline pit.
B.J. Wagner, Owner and Operator of Creative Contracting Services, is the go to guy when it comes to all things dirt. He takes care of building all of our BMX jumps, trails, tracks, and now trampolines and ski hills. If you have an interest in building anything using a bulldozer, skid steer, or excavator, B.J. is the man to talk to. Check out his Facebook page:
A B.J. P.O.V. shot
Chris, Myron, and B.J. work on building the forms for the concrete walls of the tramp pit.
With the concrete forms assembled and braced...'s time for the concrete.
B.J. watches over the pour and pushes the concrete where it needs to go in the form.
With the concrete poured, Myron and J.J. set the bolts that will hold the trampoline frame and B.J. puts a smooth surface on the top of the wall.
Once the concrete set, we removed the forms, graded and stoned the bottom of the pit, and installed a drain. With the trampoline frame being welded tomorrow, and the deck around the tramp nearly completed, this thing will be ready to go very soon.One last thing, we are happy to announce that Nick Goepper, Chris Laker, and Cody Ling will all be at camp this summer helping out as guest coaches. Along with coaching, they will also be busy learning new tricks for this coming winter. These are some of the best up and coming skiers in the the sport today, and there will no doubt be some very impressive skiing (and inline skating) coming from all three of them at camp this summer. The dates that they will be at camp coaching and skiing are as follows:Nick Goepper: Sessions 2 and 4 (7/4 - 7/10 and 7/18 - 7/24)Chris Laker: Sessions 2 and 3 (7/4 - 7/17)Cody Ling: Session 1 and 2 (6/27 - 7/10)That's all for now, I will do my best to get some pictures up in the next few days as more progress is made on both of the ski hills and the trampoline.-Brendan TriebFreeski Program Director/Head

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