First off if you have never riden a train before i recomend you try it... it is a very unique method of travel... and not only does it take you from place A to B you meet tons of intresting people....

Where i last left off I was sitting in starbucks after my train from Milwaukee to Chicago stealing some internet... here are some pictures from chi town...

on the metra going into the city... notice the sears tower and train yards

Chicago River really dope view red light kinda weird and cool

Another view of the chicago river... this one came out much better a sick shot

the sears tower... doesn't really look as tall from this angle... note the purple haze

Slow shutter... wacker drive

Union Station

7:30 PM its time to board the Lakeshore Limited service from Chicago to Boston... things are running pretty smooth, trains not very crowded at all... i get a two seats to myself. I quickly set up my macbook whip out the dvd's and im ready to go. I watched Skimatic and UP121 for a good amount of the trip, we hit South Bend, IN and i decide to go check out the Cafe/Lounge Car... After entering the car, i come across a pretty sketchy group of people

Rat Patrol: ah yes, one of the highlights of my trip meeting the group that calls them self Rat Patrol... they are a punk rock custom bike rally gang from chicago... also three of them are Rollergirls, they had the total Punk Rock look down and I could have sworn i was witnessing a modern day spinal tap... they were pretty cool, they were headed to New York city for a combination roller/bike derby... and to get some new tatoo's they all sewed their own clothes and gave me some sketches for some skethcy deject jackets... i dont think we will be maiking them... i'll scan them when i get home. Next i went back into coach class and met my nieghboor, a fellow skier traveling from WA to ME pretty core person we had a lot in common and she hooked me up with some good advice and methods to survive the long haul on the train... also she carried around duct tape just like moit (people tht carry duct tape kick ass)

Sleep: sleeping on the train was a bitch... i was stretched across two coach seats and it took me forever to adjust to the posistion i felt comfortable... eventually i found it and got about an hour of sleep... the rest of the time i just listend to war stories from rat patrol et el.

The next day was pretty chill.. we rolled into albany switched trains and headed to Boston... it took forever... but eh it was chill... i got mad bored and ya now im tired.... enjoy the rest of the pictures.

My setup in my train seats

all my train tickets for XC and City

pittsfield, MA

Leg Room... ha

boooorrrrrrrrrrred.... photobucket