Last week I published a couple of gear reminder charms for inbounds skiing and content creation. This week, we've got one for touring gear, and another for trip planning.

The touring gear charm is pretty straightforward. It is NOT an exhaustive checklist, and it's not designed to be left for first responders. I already made a checklist for that, you can get it here.

Instead, these are the pieces of gear I've found that myself, and my partners most often forget. So it's just another little nudge to remind us to make sure we've got everything.

You can download the full res files here.

And here's a video on how to assemble any of my charms.


The second checklist is a little different. It's not a gear list, rather, it's the topics that I've found myself forgetting to bring up in pre-tour conversations. When we're planning backcountry excursions, there are a range of things to check on, and talk through that will affect how we approach the day. But it can be easy to forget simple things like checking the weather forecast when we're deep in the weeds thinking about the lines we want to ski. So hopefully this charm can help you run through everything you need to think and talk about before you head out the door.

Print files for both charms can be found here.

As always, all these files are free, but if you want to do the digital equivalent of buying me a beer, it's always appreciated. Have a safe ski season!