Hello again schralpers! Hope you all have been enjoying the oh so fine snow conditions. Mama spackled in round about 9 feet of good ol’ maritime/party time snow-pack, that really opened up a lot of schralp zones. One in particular would be the great slopes of Keyhole where you will find Lizet Christiansen, organizer and competitor in our esteemed up and coming comp. The other Keyhole shot is of my back dropping in. The snow is schralp-a-lifick in the great Keyhole, go check it out. Remember, speed is your friend, especially when people are watching. The other shot is good ol Estelle bowl, I thought I would just shave a little off the top…which brings me to mention that the Buttress has coverage for all ages, a true delight two days ago. Lizet and I just got back from Slide-Tah, I mean Utah, to attend the Outdoor Retailer show in Salt Lake, where our goal was to increase the prize loot come comp time. I believe we succeeded. Don’t forget kids, the up down/beacon search race early Sunday morn. Season pass is up for grabs. Treat yourself kids, get to Alpine with a nice thick coat of Zardoz rub on wax, and get out there and get some. See ya up there fellow schralpers!