Candide Thovex dropped the much anticipated "One of Those Days 3" edit this morning and newschoolers, once again, is in awe. In case you didn't feel like or didn't have time to read all 80+ comments, here are our favorites:

"Candide fucked your mom in the ass" -notorious_slug

"Jesus may have walked on water, but Candide nose butters it" -corEmonty

"Every time I see a POV dub 10, I'm like "yeah, I can do that." Then I remember that I can't even 360 anymore." -BenWhit

Photo by Foxxy-Bang

"RIP to anyone else who tried to post an edit today" -Crooked Horse

"He didn't hit a single rail..." Ianrich511 (Hoping this was a joke)

"Can we please please please see the non POV of all of these? People that dont know skiing dont understand how fucking big Candide goes in these videos. #3 is more than expected." -Vitiligo