There hasn't been a new Line Traveling Circus episode since January. And usually by this time of the year a new season has started. But don't worry, they have three mini movies ready to be released, which I can't wait to watch, as I'm one of those who stops doing whatever he's doing when a new TC drops.

That being said, as a big fan of Will and Andy, and as a way to get hyped for season 8, I decided to compile what I felt were the 5 best TC episodes over the past 7 seasons. Enjoy!

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5) 3.3 - This Is Stupid

This Is Stupid was a more than accurate title for this episode. It featured the moving box, in which it looked like they've spent way too many hours. It was also Ross Imburgia's first real appearance in a Traveling Circus. I'm curious to know what goes through this guy's head. The backflip in between tree branches and onto a picnic table at 7:43 is probably the sketchiest backflip ever done.

4) 3.5 - East Coast Hardcore Real Stuff

This episode made me want to get in the van with those guys and have a good time skiing all over the East Coast. That's all I need to say.

3) 7.2 - Mayisode

Mayisode felt like a polished version of the older episodes. It also was the best TC since season 5. Will did a couple of new 5050 variations in this one, but it really was the madness that went down in the woods of Mount Hood that made this episode that good. Or the lady at 3:00 dropping skiing knowledge. Or Ross's ender.

2) 5.4 - The Loonies

IMO, season 5 was by far their best season. This is why The Loonies is second on my list, and that my top pick is also from season 5. I'm sure everyone remembers the "Cole jams", and the Rail Gardens destruction. I could go on and list every insane trick in this episode, but there's just too many. Oh and big ups to Shane McFalls the filmer for the guest appearance. Him and Sämi Ortlieb killed it with the clipping/unclipping skis wizardry.

1) 5.3 - The Wizards of Odd

Cole Drexler killed it here at park rails, at throwing water bottles in garbage cans and at fun facts. Jokes aside, he definitely was the highlight of the first half of episode 5.3. Then there was the crazy pvc rails setups. The square rail, the zig-zag rail; it definitely was some of the best DIY rail shredding we'd ever seen, along with Real Skifi. There hadn't been an episode of this sort since season 3, so The Wizards of Odd was a reminder that the Traveling Circus guys are the best at what they do. This is, to me, the best TC ever produced.