We can confirm it isn't Boone.

Whether you know him by Tom, Tammy, Todd, or Jesus, it's been hard not to get at least a little caught up in the hype surrounding Tom Wallisch's new ski sponsor. And now it's official: T-Wall has signed with Line Skis. After parting ways with Scott earlier this year, Wallisch has been the subject of much speculation across the skiing internet. And with good reason. As one of the sport's biggest names, Wallisch commands a huge amount of attention and popularity at all levels. Recent instagram posts showing him riding blank prototypes (and others with distinctly chronic-y graphics) have only helped to fuel the discussion, along with the rabid guesswork that pervades Newschoolers' forums.

Today's announcement is significant to say the least, as Wallisch joins the already-impressive Line team that includes Will Wesson, Andy Parry, Eric Pollard and many more. We don't know when we should expect to see Wallisch in an episode of the Traveling Circus, but if the Style Coach episode from Season One is any indication, there are good things coming. Tom Wallisch Skis maybe? Actually come to think of it, weren't they all just in Australia together...

No more guesswork: these blanks are Lines

Here's Tom's official announcement, as posted in Ski Gabber:

"I'm stoked to finally let you all know that I've signed with Line Skis. Congrats to whoever guessed that! Haha

My first pair of twins were Lines and I loved the skis and the company. What makes Line so special to me is how true the company is to our sport. They are solely focused on our sport of freeskiing and providing the best possible product for all of you and me as well! They don't build skis for racers or tourists, they build skis specifically for park, pipe, pow, and freeride. Its amazing to be partnering with a company that has supported our sport for so long and in so many ways.

I'm looking forward to collaborating with everyone at Line, just like I have for the past 6 years with Full Tilt, and building some amazing products together. I have been riding and testing the skis for the last few months and couldn't be more excited to finally share the news of this new partnership with all of you out there on NS!

Look out for more info on all this soon but thought you guys would wanna know first!

Thanks for all the support everyone! Winter is coming and it's gonna be a good one! Let's get it"