If you missed it last week, go read Tom Wallisch Has Been Leading Skiing For A Decade: Part 1 .

Tom Wallisch has been a synonym for 'ski god' for the past 10 years- dominating everything from the streets to the competition circuits. Last week we looked at the highlights from his first five years in the scene (2007-2011) when he came up by winning Superunknown V and took movie parts to a whole new level. This week we're here to dissect the next five, including one of the smoothest competition runs to date, hardship, and breaking off to work on his own film projects with Kyle Decker. At the core of it all, Tom Wallisch has style with ease- everything he does he makes look easy

2012 - X Games Aspen Slopestyle Gold

If there’s a single comp run in Tom’s career to watch- this is the one (though the dub 10 landing at 0:49 from Tignes in 2010 was otherworldly). Going into the third run, Tom already had put down a solid run and was sitting in in 2nd place behind Goepper. His next run earned him a 96.00 (and the Gold)- the highest score in Ski Slopestyle history, breaking Candide Thovex’s previous record of 95.00 set in 2007. He kept his jump line the same, but sent it absolutely huge in the rail section- ollieing up onto the wallride feature with a 450 out, switch 270 on massive 450 out of the next rail, and ending with a clean switch 900 followed by 3 dubs. It's a huge bummer his ACL kept him from the Olympics because it would have been awesome to see what he could have put down there.


2013 - The Wallisch Project

Perhaps one of Tom's best contributions to the ski community was re-introducing solo projects, when him and Kyle Decker released The Wallisch Project in Fall 2013. The Wallisch Project was really the first time a major skier and filmer duo gave a big ‘f*** you’ to a production company and went off to do their own thing. While he wasn’t the first to film a ‘solo project’, (Like a Lion - Tanner Hall 2010, Few Words - Candide Thovex 2012), I would make the argument that athletes in the years after TWP followed Tom Wallisch & Kyle Decker's lead to take on solo projects and movies.


2014 - The Olympic Push

After finishing 2013 season as the top ranked American Slopestyle Skier, Wallisch tore his ACL the following summer, putting a new obstacle in his path to the Olympics. What could have been seen as a season ender wasn’t for Wallisch. He competed at X Games Aspen and narrowly missed finals by 2.33 points. The call was made by the US selection committee to send Joss, rather than an injured Tom, to Sochi and so Tom went ahead with an ACL reconstruction. While this wasn't clearly a standout season for the normal reasons, he still finished it out harder than many riders in the industry ever could have. People didn't just love Tom because he was in Level 1 movies and podium-ed here and there. They love Tom because he's relentless- he strives for the best and works his ass off until he achieves it.


2015 - Good Company

He has proven himself time and time again to be one of the best street riders out there. Time and time again, Tom has taken features that are impressive to even slide, and tricked them- with ease. Since the days of Turbo back in 2008, part after part and year after year, Wallisch has continued to be one of the most progressive and consistent riders. Coming back after his ACL injury, him and Kyle Decker paired up once again to put out the first Good Company offerings- One

Wallisch and Decker took the idea from The Wallisch Project one step further and created a collective of skiers and friends, who happened to be some of the best riders in the industry. They’ve since released both Two and Vice Versa, which are all straight fire and a must-see if you missed their releases. Good Company is everything a ski film production company should be- by the riders, for the people- no bullsh*t.

2016 - Real Ski 2016 & A World Record

While he didn’t medal, Tom’s Real Ski Street edit from 2016 was huge, and he managed to walk away with people’s choice. It’s not even just the tricks from the edit, but with almost every single one of the features he goes massive. I think I grew up just automatically knowing Tom was the man, but year after year he just goes bigger and bigger and deserves every ounce of recognition he receives.


Whether or not you care about world records, Tom’s 424 foot slide is pretty damn impressive. With a rail welded on the hill at Seven Springs for the ordeal, 4 days and hundreds of hits later he made it look like nothing:

For the past 10 years, Wallisch has honestly been the face of Freeskiing. While everyone was out there choosing a discipline, he was doing it all. It didn't matter if you were into X Games or movies, Wallisch was front and center. What's next for the legend? We can expect more Good Company film parts, and I sure hope he takes another stab at announcing the X Games because he was more of a joy to listen to and knows the game better than anyone else. "The King of Afterbang, The Pretzel Man, Wally Tomnuts, Wally Tomnuts. TOM WALLISCH. Kid, Tom Wallisch is the greatest skier that ever lived. People say he was less than a god but more than a man. You know, like Hercules or something."