A Brief Chit and Chat With Mr. Tom Wallisch

What have you been up to this season?

TOM: “I’ve been traveling a bunch, which has been really

awesome.  I spent most of the season

traveling around from competition to competition as well as filming.  It was exciting to travel the world to

compete in big comps. like the US Open, European Open and all of the other ones

along the way. Though I did get some time to film some urban rails and

backcountry, I’d really like to try and do more of that next year.”

What do you think about working at Windells this summer?

TOM: “I’m really, really stoked.  I was out at Mt. Hood last summer for a little

while just skiing around, and it seemed like Windells was a super fun

place.  I’m super stoked that I will

actually be working at Windells this summer. 

There are tons of cool kids and so much fun stuff to do.  I’m staying out at Windells right now for

West Coast Sessions and it’s just making me more and more excited to spend the

summer up here.

How long are you planning on coaching for this summer?

TOM: “I plan on staying out here for the summer.  I’m gonna be coaching for most of the

sessions and  just skiing around and filming for a few as well.

What are you most excited for coming into this summer at


TOM: “I’m just really stoked on how much there is to do up

at Windells.  I wish I had come here

instead of Whistler when I was a kid; all you do there is walk around. There’s

always a ton of fun stuff happening up here, such a sick park to shred all day

long up on the mountain, and then all kinds of skating, rollerblading, biking

and other activities to do in the afternoon. 

The big indoor park, “BOB”, is on- site with trampolines, foam pit, is

such a fun hangout after a day of shredding.”

Thanks Tom we look forward to having you at camp this summer