The Tom Wallisch Fantasy Feature Competition

The rules are simple; use various rail options from Sun Valley Resorts extensive inventory to design a park feature that you have always wanted to see made into a reality. Submit your creative design of a rail/snow combo in the form a computer rendering, a photo of a clay model or even a drawing on a napkin to Scott Sports (email and address below). Tom Wallisch will then pick one lucky winners design, based on creativity and overall feasibility, to be made into a real feature in Sun Valley’s park for his X Games training session. Plus, Scott will cover the expenses (US Residents only) to the get the winning designer out to Sun Valley so he/she can compete in the rail jam competition held on their winning feature, which will be judged by Tom himself.

Registration for Rail Jam is on-site and open to first 100 participants, and the winner will receive a full head-to-toe get up from Scott, including jacket, pants, goggle and helmet!

To submit your feature designs for The Tom Wallisch Fantasy Feature Competition, email them to, or send in your designs to the following address...

Scott Sports

Attn: Fantasy Rail

P.O. Box 2030

Sun Valley, ID



*This competition is only open to US Residents, and designs must be submitted no later than January 4th.

Here's a look at the rail options you have to work with for your design...


T Box style box, 15 inches wide; all can be linked up as sister rails

-15-foot long

-20-foot long

-30-foot long

-30-foot rainbow

Stock, 6-inch wide rails can all be linked up as sister rails

-Three 20-foot long rails

-Two 10-foot long rails

-One 15-foot long rail


Traditional down box, 15 inches wide, 30 feet long


Two traditional boxes 2-feet wide




3-inch round pipe, 20-foot long


3-inch round pipe; 12-foot flat, 6-foot down, 12-foot flat (flat-down-flat)


Jibs are the following;

-One 15-foot tall drum barrel

-One 10-foot tall barrel

-One 4-foot tall barrel

-One Tire jib

-Three Butter boxes 8-foot x 4-foot