another day in paradise. Ida had a day off and joined me in Hafjell. I think I have the best girlfriend in the world. Who else would care to join me in Hafjell on their day off, just to ski 2 meters behind me with a camera, filming me, ALL day? Well, I don’t think a lot of people would do that. Lucky for me, that is the reality.

I think you can get pretty good at skiing if you have a plan, every day. If you get stuck on two or three tricks, you are in a bad cycle.  Eventhough if your resort suck, you can still get good at tricks that are suitable for that exact jump.

My personal assistant, filmer, girlfriend, best-friend and support, Ida.

Happy me. The black-line in Hafjell-park are not perfect at the moment, but a re-build are on it’s way, as said before. That is why I ski the medium line with 10 meter roll-overs. It is not the jump you do sw 10’s on, but I feel like I have so much to learn there. For example I landed a cab 7 mute again, not since the US trip have I done that. You can get goodas a skier on small jumps too, if you just realize that 540 or 720 is the largest amount of spin on that exact jump. You can still do it a 100 times without doing it properly!

My camera has been stored in a drawer since my trip to the USA. Today I brought it out to get some shots in Hafjell. I haven’t watched the shots yet, but I have some cool stuff I will show you later! Maybe tonight?

As a skier you cannot think too much, and in my case (I’m a big thinker), I need to block everything out while skiing. That have a few causes for me; I get really messed up, and I loose things all the time. I suck at remembering where I put different things. Therefore I have this room in my basement. Everything I need for a day skiing is in here. Perfect!

Homemade burgers!

And when the weather is THIS nice several days in a row, there is no reason to sit inside (even though we have got a new couch).