It is totally true. So my blog will no longer be about the Midwest. I consider this a great thing.I don't technically have jobs yet. But after talking on the phone with two different places I'm pretty sure Ski School is going to take me in and then I'll take on full time at one of the hotels up there. At the moment I'm shooting for the Westin so I still get the week pass.So I will probably be leaving the Cities around the 17th and getting into Mammoth the 20th. Hopefully starting work right away. I know I didn't leave the city in the best manner, but I'm pretty sure I learned how to live there the exact wrong way last time so I can only hope for improvement. 1) Don't sign a lease anywhere2) Less roommates is better than more roommates3) Driving to LA every week is bad4) Ski more than once a week5) Get health insurance6) Don't eat at Pita Pit every day7) Purchase Large quantity of Vitamin water before arriving.