With a variety of small and medium-sized features, Timberline is where you can learn the basics and work on new tricks in this fun mellow park. Timberline is located on Ramshead Mountain and is easily accessed by the Ramshead Express Quad. The park showcases over 25 features so there is stuff for everyone to shred. So come over and check out Timberline because everyone loves a mini park session!

The top of the park starts out with this mini stunt ditch with a 16’ box at the end to jib

Next comes 2 mini hips

After that is a series of jumps


Dan throwing a nice critical 3


The next section showcase 5 rail and box features including this 24’ flat rail


Super fun flat-down box

Flat box and flat-down-flat box

Ben sliding the oil tank

The bottom of the Timberline Park starts with a 3 jump line. There are jumps of all sizes so everyone can shred this section

Ben throwing down a smooth 3

Next comes a series of rails including a down rail, flat box, rainbow box, and more

Dan getting ready to spin out of the down rail

Ben going switch on to the flat rail

Following that, there is another line of jumps

The park finishes out with this up rail

Brand new to park? We have this hikable section of the park that features ride-on rails, boxes, and even a small jump! It’s the perfect place for you to teach your lil bro or sis how to shred park

Big thanks goes out to local rippers Ben Smith and Dan Rosenblum for taken some laps with me. Come check out Timberline just one of our many terrain parks here at Killington Resort! For a full park map and more information, head over to our website at http://www.killington.com