Faction Skis Athlete Tim McChesney came into ski gabber to answer some questions- here's the highlights!

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What has been your favorite moment since being on the Faction team? -Krotch

My favorite moment from being on the Faction team was probably our team shoot out in La Clusaz last winter. The resort we were at was super fun and we had good weather pretty much the whole time we were there.

Scariest urban feature you've hit to date? -Krotch

The scariest urban feature was a down flat closeout that I hit in Beggin' for change. We joked about trying it for a couple nights and then ended up hitting it.

Favorite musician of all time? -steezyjibber

Probably have to go with Ja Rule haha

Where did you have your favourite kebaaab? -DanielHanka

Every Kebab is my favorite Kebab

Do you ever leave an urban feature without getting the trick you wanted? If so how often? -ScottB

All the time. Urban can be the most frustrating thing in the world. So many factors have to line up to get a shot. A lot can go wrong and you definitely leave features without getting the shot you want very frequently.

What are your plans for this season regarding to the faction collective film shoots? -thenoseface

We got big plans for this years Faction webisodes. Got a couple different trips planned and I think we should be putting out some really cool episodes this season.

You're not only skilled at rails but an insane jump skier as well. Would you ever compete Slopestyle? -thenoseface

I used to do slopestyle contests but kinda got over it after spending so much time traveling to ski park. I really enjoy exploring new places and filming gives me that option. I would like to do a contest this year but with all the new regulations with points and everything its hard to get into anything.

Photo: Erik Seo

Who is your favorite big-mountain skier? (Beside the possibility of Candide) -thenoseface

T hall and Pep. They both ski some really impressive lines

What is the story behind your nickname? -Roan.

I really have no idea.

How hard is it to keep a positive attitude while hitting an insanely hard urban? (like 50 tries+) -filipoio

Definitely a little frustrating. It's pretty easy to get mad and break a couple poles throughout the season.

What do you do in the offseason? -PULL

This summer I did a ton of surfing in the offseason. That and fly fishing.