I’ve been contacted in 2010 by communication agency MNSTR to shoot the new campaign of Tignes resort. The resort wanted to have original, young, sexy, offbeat and powerful key visuals to reflect the values of Tignes, the resort of audacious people.

The creative director Raphael Cappodanno came up with great ideas and showed me the sketches he did, concerned that some ideas would be tough to produce, and that the end result should look absolutely credible, as if we did the photos in one shot.

Check the video below that sums up the spirit and the photoshoot

[There is a video that cannot be displayed in this feed. Visit the blog entry to see the video.]

All in all, it took:

- several days to shoot the exteriors in April

- one week to shoot the women models in June

- one week to shoot the men models in June

- several weeks of post-production in July

I was acting as a technical advisor during the post production, following closely the incredible work of Raphael Cappodanno, the Artistic Director in charge of the campaign at MNSTR. A lot of time has been spent in front of the computer screen, but we were all stoked with the results.

Click the photo to access the gallery with sketches, final key visuals

and post-production break down example

I really enjoyed shooting this campaign, breaking down all required elements of the photos sketches, overcoming all the technical problems to produce the desired photos, mixing studio and exteriors shoots, with the post production always in mind.

And i really enjoyed the teamwork and the general vibe that went on with Raphael, Thierry (the studio owner), the models, the make up artists. All mind working hard as one to make those shots happen.