We left Milan, Italy at 5 a.m. this morning to embark on our 10 hour trip to Tignes, France where the first ever Euro Winter X-Games is being held this week.

We had no idea what our accommodations would be like and were prepared for the worst, however we were pleasantly surprised!  They have internet as well and I am just a 2 min bus ride to the X-Games venues!

This is the view to the left looking off the balcony..

The chairlifts across the way..

The view to the right of the balcony, under the eave in the foreground right part of the photo and off in the distance is the X-Games venues.

The view at night looking out over the mountain ski town of Tignes.  And yes it is really cold!  -25C which translates to -10F… brrr!  Hopefully it warms up tomorrow and we get good weather this week finally!

The view up on the mountain after taking the first chair up… a whole lot more mountain area to explore!

The town at night under the blanket of snow…

I didn’t have my tripod with me, so the deck railing had to suffice:)  These last two are my favorite pics for sure.  The spotlights would light up the mountains at night…