If you haven't heard the recent news about Gus Kenworthy...you have surely been living under a rock for the past week, or haven't had any access to the internet or ski friends. But if you are one of those people, Mr. Kenworthy came out to the public as gay. The entire snow sports community has been extremely supportive of this news and we all wish Gus the best. Hell yeah, bud!

Link to the story here:


For those of you who know Gus mostly as a competition skier, he actually kills it all over the mountain as well as in the streets. Gus has dropped some very impressive edits through the years and this week we're going to showcase them!

Here are a couple edits of Gus ripping his home mountain of Telluride.


In this edit by Goodie Pocket Films, Gus absolutely destroys the park with a broken arm. (now that's dedication)


Zac Moxley killed this edit with Gus and Twall, a classic from the summer of 2012.


And this is more recent but this edit really showcases Gus's skill all over and off the mountain.


There you have it folks. Stoked to see what Gus has in store for us this season.

Thanks for checkin this week's installment out, see you all next week!