If you don't know who Jon Brogan is..well, I'm glad you clicked on this because quite frankly..Brogeezy ran shit from 2007-2011. He was to the ski scene as One Direction was to your girlfriend freshman year of High School. The man was an absolute icon.

His style was so nonchalant and effortless it seemed like he didn't even have to try to do some of the cleanest tricks skiing has ever seen. Unfortunately his years in the ski scene were short lived. After not being pleased with the direction skiing was going, Brogan left the game. He also suffered injuries in a car accident that took place in 2011 which made his return to skiing much more unlikely.

But enough talking, words can barely do justice to how mesmerizing Brogans skiing was. I've compiled some of the all time greatest Brogan edits for this weeks Throwback Thursday.

Jon Brogan and Tyler Weinberger were the dynamic duo back in the late 2000s. Weinberger's youtube page is full of classic edits.





Long lost edit that was recently recovered by mattb912 and uploaded by my boy Dylan Anderson. Show casing the late Tom Warnick (RIP), Jon Brogan and EJ Corriveau. An absolute classic.


His claim to fame, his Superunknown edit.


And last but certainly not least the Bonus edit which compiled the shots he got with Level 1 along with bangers from his Superunknown edit.


"No one can touch my lip 2's, straight up." - Jon Brogan

Thanks for checking out this week's installment of Throwback Thursday. As always, I hope you enjoy the series, stay tuned for next week.