This week I bring you guys two edits of which are some of my personal favorites. They showcase everything I like in skiing, butters, tall tee's and afterbang.

The first edit is filmed by Kyle Decker, following around Mike Hornbeck, Tom Wallisch and Adam Delorme on a late spring day in Squaw Valley. This edit is super short but that's all it really needs to be. One of my all time favorite edits, Unaffiliated.

The second edit, I feel like slipped under the radar for a lot of people. Coming from STEPT, it's a high quality edit but the skiing in it is raw and steezy. It's been one of my go to's to get my hyped to head up to the hill ever since it came out. Showcasing the skills of Charlie Owens and Sean Jordan, Stept spends a day in Keystone busting out an instant classic.

Again, thanks for checking this out. Hope you guys enjoy it!