Following up on yesterday’s invite for blog readers to submit their own photos to be posted in a sort of impromptu gallery, here it is. It was really cool to see people respond with some really killer photographs from all over the world, props to everyone who submitted work and we will definitely be doing this again sometime soon. Peep this view through the lens of the readers, stoked.



Photo Submitted by: Ian Eland

Photo Submitted by: Tad Childress


Photo Submitted by: Griffin Paisley 

Photo Submitted by: Benjamin Krause

Photo Submitted by: Asa Mease

Photo Submitted by: Hank Stoever


The ASK TIM contest is also being sorted out with so many questions submitted Tim has quite the responsibility of picking his favorite so be patient. We will have a winner very soon and they will have all the glory of being the best question asker, so stay tuned for that hot blog action, party on!