So theres this guy that sells shit on campus and he's a pretty big hippy. He sells knitted hats and che guevara posters to the upperclass liberals on campus. He has dirty hair and wears a poncho. He's pretty much the stereotypical hippy. One day I was walking by and my friend wanted to look at the stuff he was selling. I knew the guy was gonna start talking to us and I really didn't feel like dealing with him. (He always goes on some ridiculous tangent about something boring)

So my friend picks up one of the pictures thats being sold. Its a picture of some music festival so the guy starts talking about this company he works for that takes a picture of a music festival and then sells the pictures for the people to use as a map. He said that the festivals pay them to do it and just add like 5 bucks onto the price of the ticket.

Somehow the guy starts talking about how he used to go to Tulane or something and he was just down in New Orleans. He was saying that the white neighborhoods were bouncing back from Katrina while black neighborhoods were still super shitty. At first I thought this guy was gonna say that black people are lazy. I was really pumped cause this totally violates my hippy stereotype until he started blaming the government and went all Kanye West by saying George Bush doesn't care about black people. Finally we got away from there.