I hope everyone knows that November 11th is Remembrance Day and I also hope that you take some time out of your busy schedule to stop and think about all of those who fought for the freedom that we sometimes take for granted.

As our school was doing our Remembrance Day ceremonies we were just asked to sit, take your hat off, and listen to the story being told. It really wasnt a difficult concept but as I was sitting there I spied about 5 people that were being completely disrespectful. Some people just ingored every second and even talked through the Last Post.

I sometimes think that people have just forgotten about all those people who fought and died in foreign countries. We are supposed to stop and think about the soldiers that faced shelling, gunfire, blood and pain. It angers me so much when people are so disrespectfull, they sure as hell wouldn't think it was funny to screw around during the last post if they were the ones that lost friends, family and comrades in the trenches.

So here's a really tiny recap of the things I hope you reflect on in those few minutes of silence on November 11th.

World War 1 most of the soldiers died for a cause that even they couldn't wrap their heads around. They lived in trenches filled with water, bodies, and diseases yet they still mustered up enough courage to run over barbed wire fields towards certain death. 1000's of soldiers died taking just a few hundred meters of wastleland only to have it taken back in a matter of a few hours. So really, how can you disrespect and forget? I know I can't because I may have had family that fought and died in those trenches fighting for a cause that few could understand.

World War Two was an absolutely incredible war that enveloped the vast majority of the Earth. No war has ever spanned so far and done so much damage. Many of the Veterans you see sitting in the malls handing out Poppies fought their asses off for freedom. Some of these men and women even charged up a desolate beach straight towards machine gun spray, artillery and mines so they could free a country many had never even set foot on. Millions of men, women, and civilians died in this dark era but in the end through determination and hope, good prevailed. I don't think I could have done what many of these soldiers did. I don't think I could charge up a beach, sneak through a jungle of death, cross an ocean riddled with danger or fly a night bomber into enemy territory. So that's why I remember, that's why you should also remember because these people gave up so much so that we could have a future.

We also need to think of the wars being fought around the world today and the past few years. Soldiers and peacekeepers are fighting and dieing in wars that sometimes seem hopeless. Every week you hear of more and more American and British Soldiers coming back to their famillies in body bags. They died in a hostile country trying to help people that suddenly seemed to not want help.

So all i'm really asking is for you to actually remember on November 11th. Listen to the message that Remembrance day is trying to tell us. Buy a Poppy, thank a Veteran and listen to the stories they have to tell because history only repeats itself if nobody listens and learns from the past.