Well, this movie grew with more anticipation every day in the weeks before the premire. When word of Iberg being there with some goods, as well as a giant load of stuff from the sponsors, that sealed it, everyone was going to be there.

We rolled into uptown after an hour of detours thanks to fallen bridges and roadwork. It was about 11:45pm and when the uptown theater was in sight, i could tell it was going to be a fun night.

While waiting in line it was fun to see everyone catch up with each other. D Crew had made the trip down into the cities and Welch Crew came up. There were a few tents setup outside with a bunch of posters and stickers. I had to remind myself that all these people were here for an AM Midwestern SKI movie. Awesome to see that kind of support.


once inside, I was greeted by a little set of skis. Andy Mahres ski he rode on for Idea, signed Matt Sterbenz ski, and Tanner halls old skis from sessio 1242. This raffle drawing was going to be awesome!

About 300 people came to watch this late night premire and i don't think one person was dissapointed.

Pat Murphy of No Coast Productions showed Enclave. It was a very sick movie. Dirrectly following was the Third Nipple. It was fun watching a movie where you and all your friends are in it. People would just shout out others names when they had a good clip.

Anyways. After was the AWESOME RAFFLE and a super suprise!

Eric Iberg went on stage and announced he was going to show Idea. Mouths dropped, and stayed droped the entire movie. It was absolutly amazing. Very forign to the midwest ski scene, but something we all could appreciate and hope to do someday out west. It has changed the way I see ski movies.

After was a few more give-a-ways and everyone was stoaked with a little bit of sleepyness.

a few Welch kids stoaked on the evening

All in all, it was a great night. Good community of skiers here and hopefully we can do something simalar real soon.

big ups to

A-Crew Media

and Pinewski's Ski Shop for putting it all together.