With the rapid transformation ofoutlook towards education Master in Business Administration (MBA) surfaces outto be one of the best master degree programmes, opening a lot of gateway foreasy and highly paid jobs. Doubtlessly MBA is the key opening for the door tomultiple opportunities, ensuring tantalizing progress to one’s career.Accelerated MBA programs are a variation of the two year programs and involve ahigher course loaded with more intense class and examination schedules withlesser “down time” but getting institutes providing such course is highlydifficult. But NDIM ever since its inception since 1996 has been consistentlyforwarding such privilege for its students.Leadership commitment is criticalin building an ethical culture and steady society and NDIM’s primary concern isbent on achieving a nation with such young minds. MBA is such a course whichmakes the student stand tall among business professionals, facilitating them ingathering commendable leadership qualities, innovative vigour, engineeringcapabilities and high management skills. As more universities started offeringthe degree, differences in the quality of schools, faculty, and courseofferings became evident. Naturally, establishing some criteria of quality isneeded to differentiate among MBA programs and NDIM with its unique facilitiesand student friendly environment is ensuring all of it altogether.Amazing infra-structure, withfully air conditioned building and Wi-Fi enabled classrooms, education isdischarged here through infinite modern and interesting means. Speciallytrained faculties and staff advisors design the fresh mind of students withvibrant ideas and creative skills. NEew Delhi Institute of Management believesthat a healthy campus life is the pre-cursor of a healthy mind and assures thesame for its students. It is considered as one of the top rated BusinessSchools in India and it is justifying the motif altogether.EndFragment