recently i returned to the homeland (Boston) to visit some old firends and family this is what i found out

I miss...

Being able to order a Medium Regular Iced Coffee from Dunkin Donuts

The finger

Being Left Alone

Public Transportation (The T, and it keeps getting better, i mean the Charlie Card it can't get easier)


Red Sox Unity, and Pride, Fenway, the felling you get at Fenway is undescribable.

Mike's Pastry (Fuck Modern, I think it even closed down)

Chowder, SeaFood,

Culture ( Accent, Way People Conduct themselves)

Ocean Air

For the most part the less prestigeous, I'm better than you mentality (except in some towns)


Openness to Opinions


Real Pizza

The Old Crew

It's rough moving, but hey, even though i miss that all, theres somethings i've grown fimiliar with in Wisconsin, including the ease of driving, and how most things are cheaper (excluding gas).

Anyways I digress, if you've never been to Boston check it out!