recently i returned to the homeland (Boston) to visit some old firends and family this is what i found out

I miss...

• Being able to order a Medium Regular Iced Coffee from Dunkin Donuts

• The finger

• Being Left Alone

• Public Transportation (The T, and it keeps getting better, i mean the Charlie Card it can't get easier)

• Cahh's

• Red Sox Unity, and Pride, Fenway, the felling you get at Fenway is undescribable.

• Mike's Pastry (Fuck Modern, I think it even closed down)

• Chowder, SeaFood,

• Culture ( Accent, Way People Conduct themselves)

• Ocean Air

• For the most part the less prestigeous, I'm better than you mentality (except in some towns)

• Liberal-Ness

• Openness to Opinions

• D'angelos

• Real Pizza

• The Old Crew

It's rough moving, but hey, even though i miss that all, theres somethings i've grown fimiliar with in Wisconsin, including the ease of driving, and how most things are cheaper (excluding gas).

Anyways I digress, if you've never been to Boston check it out!